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2015 October-December

Vol 5 Issue 4

7. Review Article
Title:Bioactive Materials: A Short Review
Author(s):Medha Bhushan, Sanjeev Tyagi, Mukta Nigam, Abhishek Choudhary, Nishant Khurana, Vartul Dwivedi


In every field of dentistry and medicine, bioactive materials have been widely used. These materials are used for regeneration, repair, and reconstruction in the field of conservative dentistry and endodontics. These materials are used in different forms and composition and act directly on vital tissue, helping in its healing and repair. These materials directly function because of induction of various growth factors and different cells. This article summarizes the types and uses of bioactive materials.

Keywords: Bioactive materials, Biomimetic materials, Glass transition temperature.

How to cite this article: Bhushan M, Tyagi S, Nigam M, Choudhary A, Khurana N, Dwivedi V. Bioactive Materials: A Short Review. J Orofac Res 2015;5(4):138-141.

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