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2013 July-September

Vol 3 Issue 3

1. Original Research
Title:An Odontologist’s Key to Sex Determination: Study Analysis of Mandibular Canine Teeth in South Indian Population
Author(s):Maneel Grover, R Girija Bai, Tharaka Ram, Pooja Malik Puri, Kanchana R Ghodke
Abstract   PDF Download

2. Original Research
Title:Self-reported Barriers to Regular Dental Care in Chennai City, Tamil Nadu
Author(s):L Nandhini, K Barani, D Prabu, Sunayana Manipal, Adil Ahmed, Preethi Adusumilli
Abstract   PDF Download

3. Original Research
Title:The Effect of Different Beverages on Salivary pH in 12-Year-Old School Children in Chennai
Author(s):Sunayana Manipal, Joseph John, S Saravanan, I Meignana Arumugham, Pradeep Kumar
Abstract   PDF Download

4. Original Research
Title:Comparative Evaluation of Gap Arthroplasty and Interpositional Arthroplasty using Temporalis Fascia in the Management of Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis
Author(s):Shoyeb K Shaikh, Madan Mishra, Arunesh Kumar Tiwari, Mahesh Chander, Amit Gaur, Harmurti Singh
Abstract   PDF Download

5. Original Research
Title:Effect of Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil on Plaque-induced Gingivitis: A Microbiological Study
Author(s):Deepshika Saravanan, Shubashini Ramkumar, K Vineetha
Abstract   PDF Download

6. Original Research
Title:Comparison of Microhardness of Three Different Types of Acrylic Artificial Denture Teeth: An in vitro Study
Author(s):Gagan Khanna, IN Aparna
Abstract   PDF Download

7. Review Articles
Title:‘Porcelain Veneers, a Smile Make Over’: A Short Review
Author(s):Nitesh Shetty, Savita Dandakeri, Shilpa Dandekeri
Abstract   PDF Download

8. Review Articles
Title:Geriatric Endodontic
Author(s):Santosh Kumar Singh, Aruna Kanaparthy, Rosaiah Kanaparthy, Ajay Pillai, Garima Sandhu
Abstract   PDF Download

9. Review Articles
Title:Factors affecting Osseointegration: A Literature Review
Author(s):Manish Goutam, GS Chandu, Sunil Kumar Mishra, Madhvi Singh, Brajendra Singh Tomar
Abstract   PDF Download

10. Review Articles
Title:Significance of Palatal Rugae in Orthodontics
Author(s):Aravind Sivaraj
Abstract   PDF Download

11. Review Articles
Title:To Implant or not to Implant?: The Role of Imaging
Author(s):Shruthi M, Sangeetha R, Ashish Kumar Singh, Raghavendra Kini, Vathsala Naik
Abstract   PDF Download

12. Case Reports
Title:Surgical Management of a Large Periradicular Lesion in Mandibular Anterior Teeth associated with Trauma
Author(s):Ridhi Garg, Ankit Singhal
Abstract   PDF Download

13. Case Reports
Title:An Approach toward Successfully Restoring a Partially Resected Dentulous Mandible
Author(s):Gagan Khanna, VTT Teja, S Pradeep, Lokendra Gupta
Abstract   PDF Download

14. Case Reports
Title:The use of a New Bone Graft Stabilizing Material for Ridge Augmentation
Author(s):Khaled Ben Salah, Rohit Radhakrishnan
Abstract   PDF Download

15. Case Reports
Title:Mucous Extravasation Phenomenon of Lingual Glands of Blandin and Nuhn
Author(s):R Rajalakshmi, S Shabana Fathima, R Sajeev
Abstract   PDF Download

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