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2013 January-March

Vol 3 Issue 1

1. Editorial
Title:Dental Education in India
Author(s):NS Yadav
Abstract   PDF Download

2. Original Research
Title:A Survey on Usage of Rubber Dam during Composite Restorative Procedures by General and Specialist Dental Practitioners in Saudi Arabia
Author(s):Mohammed Ali AlQarni
Abstract   PDF Download

3. Original Research
Title:Evaluation of Orthodontic Treatment Need and Its Correlation with the Perception, Awareness and Satisfaction of Personal Dental Appearance among Dental Students
Author(s):Vikas Malik, Seema Grover, Maninder Singh Sidhu, Puneet Yadav, Priti Chaudhary
Abstract   PDF Download

4. Original Research
Title:Evaluation of Minimum Required Safe Distance between Two Consecutive Dental Chairs for Optimal Asepsis
Author(s):Sandeep Chiramana, Swetha Hima Bindu O, Krishna Kishore Kadiyala, Manne Prakash, Tadi Durga Prasad, S Krishna Chaitanya
Abstract   PDF Download

5. Review Articles
Title:MTA-Based Root Canal Sealers
Author(s):Manjusha Rawtiya, Kavita Verma, Shweta Singh, Swapna Munuga, Sheeba Khan
Abstract   PDF Download

6. Review Articles
Title:Prosthodontic Care for Patients with Cleft Palate
Author(s):S Sowmya, S Shadakshari, MB Ravi, S Ganesh, Anil Kumar Gujjari
Abstract   PDF Download

7. Review Articles
Title:Minimal Intervention in Pediatric Dentistry
Author(s):Sachin Gunda, Narendra Varma
Abstract   PDF Download

8. Review Articles
Title:Theories of Impression Making and their Rationale in Complete Denture Prosthodontics
Author(s):Alok Dwivedi, Rajesh Vyas
Abstract   PDF Download

9. Review Articles
Title:Hidden Secrets of ‘Punica Granatum’ Use and Its Effects on Oral Health: A Short Review
Author(s):Sukanya Rajan, J Ravi, Aparna Suresh, Sanjeela Guru
Abstract   PDF Download

10. Case Reports
Title:A Time Saving Method to Fabricate a Custom Ocular Prosthesis
Author(s):Sandeep Chiramana, Gopinadh Anne, Kavya Ravuri, Phani Praneetha Boppana, Sampath Kumar, Krishna Chaitanya Appana
Abstract   PDF Download

11. Case Reports
Title:Delayed Replantation of Multiple, Avulsed Maxillary Young Permanent Teeth with Open Apex
Author(s):S Raghavendra, Brinda Suhas Godhi, R Veena
Abstract   PDF Download

12. Case Reports
Title:Esthetic Replacement of Maxillary Lateral Incisor with Mary Lever Prosthesis: A Novel Conservative Approach
Author(s):Venkat Aditya Sunki, Krishna Mohan Reddy, CH Vamshi Krishna, Nidhi Gupta
Abstract   PDF Download

13. Case Reports
Title:Full Mouth Rehabilitation of a Worn Out Dentition using Multidisciplinary Approach
Author(s):Ramasamy Chidambaram, Manita Grover, Padmanabhan Thallam Veeravalli
Abstract   PDF Download

14. Case Reports
Title:Telescopic Overdenture
Author(s):Ragini Bibinagar, Chandrasekar Anam, Praveen Mamidi, Aarti Saxena, Gautam, Jothi Rathinam
Abstract   PDF Download

15. Case Reports
Title:The New ID Proof: A Case Report of Denture Labeling
Author(s):Mahalakshmi Gujjalapudi, Chandrasekar Anam, Praveen Mamidi, Aarti Saxena, Gautam Kumar, Jothi Rathinam
Abstract   PDF Download

16. Case Reports
Title:Unusual Occurrence of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma in an Elderly Male
Author(s):Shivali Surendra Rao Gaekwad, Usha Hegde, Sheela Gujjari, SC Veerendra Kumar, DS Vidyapriyadharshini
Abstract   PDF Download

17. Case Reports
Title:Augmentation of Acquired Defect of the Forehead with Subperiosteal Silicone Implant
Author(s):Rijesh Krishnan, Ramesh Chetty, Ram Prakash
Abstract   PDF Download

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