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2013 April-June

Vol 3 Issue 2

1. Editorial
Author(s):NS Yadav
Abstract   PDF Download

2. Original Research
Title:Dental Patient's Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Effects of Smoking on Oral Health among Smokers and Nonsmokers: A Comparative Study
Author(s):AK Puranik, Prashant Mishra, Sandeep Kumar, SV Dhodapkar
Abstract   PDF Download

3. Original Research
Title:Awareness toward AIDS: A Dental Perspective
Author(s):T Raju Ragavendra, Shubhangi Mhaske, Dakshata Mandora, Abhishek Gouraha
Abstract   PDF Download

4. Original Research
Title:Comparative Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Three Different Luting Cements toward Ceramic and Dentin for All Ceramic Restorations: An in vitro Study
Author(s):S Ayesha Zareen, Jafar Abdulla Mohamed Usman, R Haribabu
Abstract   PDF Download

5. Review Articles
Title:Immunization in Periodontics: A Systematic Review
Author(s):N Raghavendra Reddy, Yuvraja, Esther Nalini, Renuka Devi, Arun
Abstract   PDF Download

6. Review Articles
Title:Streamlined Description of Pontics
Author(s):Shazia Mir, Fozia Mir, Talib Amin Naqash
Abstract   PDF Download

7. Review Articles
Title:Difficult Denture Birds: An Easy Psychological Assessment
Author(s):Siva Kiran Babu Yarlagadda, HP Srinath, K Sitaram Prasad, A Venkat Reddy
Abstract   PDF Download

8. Review Articles
Title:Musculoskeletal Disorders in Clinical Dentistry and Their Prevention
Author(s):Shikha Baghi Bhandari, Rajat Bhandari, Ranjit Singh Uppal, Deepak Grover
Abstract   PDF Download

9. Review Articles
Title:Role of Dental Adult Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine
Author(s):Ambika S Gupta, Siddharth Gupta, Sasidhar Singaraju, Medhini Singaraju
Abstract   PDF Download

10. Case Reports
Title:Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Limited Mouth Opening following Partial Maxillectomy and Lateral Rhinotomy for Sinonasal Adenocarcinoma: A Clinical Report
Author(s):Shabir A Shah, Talib Amin Naqash, Nazia Majeed Zargar
Abstract   PDF Download

11. Case Reports
Title:Restoring the Esthetics in Hemiparalytic Patient with Detachable Prosthesis
Author(s):Smriti Kapur Dewan, Monika Sehgal, Aman Arora, Sushant Garg, Sheen Juneja Arora, Neha Seth
Abstract   PDF Download

12. Case Reports
Title:Treatment of Teeth with Open Apices and Apical Pathology with MTA Cement used as Orthograde Root Filling Material
Author(s):Harpreet Singh Chhabra, Satyendra Agarwal, Kshiti Bhardwaj
Abstract   PDF Download

13. Case Reports
Title:A Relentless and Aggressive Proliferation of a Verrucous Lesion
Author(s):Raj Kumar Badam, Sharath Chandra Bontha, Arshia Shereen, Supraja Chowdary
Abstract   PDF Download

14. Case Reports
Title:An Upper Lip Swelling: A Case Report, Differential Diagnosis and Review of Literature
Author(s):Preeti Tomar Bhattacharya, Sumona Pal, Rupam Sinha, Mayukh Misra, Arka Bhattacharya
Abstract   PDF Download

15. Case Reports
Title:Fabrication of a Custom Sectional Impression Tray for a Patient with Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Author(s):Shweta Pandurang Caculo, Meena Ajay Aras, Vidya Chitre
Abstract   PDF Download

16. Case Reports
Title:Nonsyndromic Multiple Supplemental Teeth in Mandibular Premolar Regions: A Rare Case Report
Author(s):MS Parinitha
Abstract   PDF Download

17. Case Reports
Title:Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma in 9-Year-Old Female Patient
Author(s):Jalark Chimanbhai Patel, Sunanda Gul Sujan, Anshula Neeraj Deshpande, Bhavna H Dave
Abstract   PDF Download

18. Case Reports
Title:Radiographic Stent for Simplified Placement of Implants in the Mandible
Author(s):Nazia Majeed Zargar
Abstract   PDF Download

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