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2012 January-March

Vol 2 Issue 1

1. Editorial
Author(s):NS Yadav
Abstract   PDF Download

2. Original Research
Title:A Comparison of the Accuracy of Maples and Rice and Newly Derived Formula for Age Estimation: A Forensic Study
Author(s):Manas Bajpai, Namita Mishra, Parul Sharma
Abstract   PDF Download

3. Original Research
Title:Accidental Occupational Exposures among Dental Healthcare Workers in Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
Author(s):K Bokhari, M Shariff, MA Wahab, RA Togoo, Yahya Hady, Yasser Hassan
Abstract   PDF Download

4. Original Research
Title:Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Conventional Bristle Brush and Cross-action Brush in Routine Oral Hygiene Practice: A Comparative Study
Author(s):S Narang, Nasir Inamdar, Sheeba Khan, Anu Narang, Richa Agrawal, Neha Khare
Abstract   PDF Download

5. Original Research
Title:Oral Health Acquaintance, Approach and Practices among Schoolteachers in Bhopal, Central India
Author(s):Amit Vanka, Naveen S Yadav, Vrinda Saxena, S Sahana, G Shanti, GC Shivakumar
Abstract   PDF Download

6. Original Research
Title:Oral Health-Related Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Nursing Students of Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital: A Questionnaire Study
Author(s):Laxman Singh Kaira, Virag Srivastava, Parul Giri, Devendra Chopra
Abstract   PDF Download

7. Original Research
Title:Prevalence of Palatogingival Grooves in a Libyan Population and Their Relationship with Periodontal Diseases
Author(s):Rohit Radhakrishnan, Neeraj Deshpande, Suad A Kasim
Abstract   PDF Download

8. Original Research
Title:Adaptation of Different Compomers to Primary Teeth Cavities
Author(s):Sumanth M Shetty, Rashmi G Shetty
Abstract   PDF Download

9. Review Articles
Title:Nanotechnology: The Emerging Science in Dentistry
Author(s):Suresh Kumar Kovvuru, Vangala Naga Mahita, BS Manjunatha, Buma Sudhakar Babu
Abstract   PDF Download

10. Review Articles
Title:Surface Conditioning Treatments for Improving Adhesion of Fiber Posts
Author(s):Chetan Mukund Modgi, Aras Meena Ajay, Vidya Chitre
Abstract   PDF Download

11. Review Articles
Title:The Neutral Zone: Concept and Technique
Author(s):Virag Srivastava, NK Gupta, Amrit Tandan, Laxman Singh Kaira, Devendra Chopra
Abstract   PDF Download

12. Review Articles
Title:Twin Studies: Revealing the Genetic Basis of Malocclusion
Author(s):Dolly P Patel, Bhaskar Gupta, Tanmay Sharma
Abstract   PDF Download

13. Review Articles
Title:A Rare Case of Bilateral Maxillary Paramolars between 1st and 2nd Molars
Author(s):Y Naresh Shetty
Abstract   PDF Download

14. Review Articles
Title:Complex Odontoma in Both the Jaws: A Rare Case Report
Author(s):Adit Srivastava, AG Annaji, Sanjay B Nyamati, Govind Singh, GC Shivakumar, S Sahana
Abstract   PDF Download

15. Review Articles
Title:Inferior Turbinectomy: An Unusual Presentation of Complication of Nasotracheal Intubation
Author(s):Deepak Prasanna, Utpal Mazumdar, Sonia Bhat, Neeraj Nigam, Sandeep Jain
Abstract   PDF Download

16. Review Articles
Title:Utilization of Neutral Zone Technique for Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxillary and Mandibular Ridges: A Clinical Report
Author(s):Harpreet Singh Kukreja, Siddharth Narula, Vivek Sharma, Meenakshi Khandelwal, Vivek Lath, Devendra Pal Singh Chhonkar
Abstract   PDF Download

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