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2011 October-December

Vol 1 Issue 1

1. Original Research
Title:Role of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Healing after Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molar Surgery
Author(s):Dr. Kedarnath N.S, Dr.Abhilash P.R.
Abstract   PDF Download

2. Original Research
Title:Oral health Attitude Knowledge Behavior and Consent towards Dental treatment among School children
Author(s):Dr. Aditi Mathur, Dr. Avinsah J, Dr. Anmol Mathur, Dr. Tripti Gupta
Abstract   PDF Download

3. Original Research
Title:Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Periodontal Disease Status in Vegetarian and Mixed Diet Subjects of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Author(s):Dr. Tarun Nihlani, Dr. Shashvat Soni, Dr. Priyanka Patel,Dr. Prabu D, Dr. Suhas Kulkarni
Abstract   PDF Download

4. Review Article
Title:Light Curing Devices-A Clinical Review
Author(s):Dr.Tarun Kumar Singh, Dr. Ida Ataide, Dr. Marina Fernandes, Dr. Rajan T. Lambor
Abstract   PDF Download

5. Review Article
Title:Probiotics and Oral Health
Author(s):Dr Prathap, Dr Shruthy Prathap
Abstract   PDF Download

6. Review Article
Title:Calcium Hydroxide - A Great Calcific Wall
Author(s):Dr. Sheeba Khan, Dr. Nasir K. Inamdar, Dr. Akash, Dr.GK Meshram, Dr. MP Singh, Dr.Hemanth Chaurasia
Abstract   PDF Download

7. Case Report
Title:Prosthetic Management of a patient with Occular Defect with Occular Prosthesis - A case report
Author(s):Dr. Laxman Singh, Dr Suresh S, Dr Swarajya Bharathi , Dr Satyam Jaiswal
Abstract   PDF Download

8. Case Report
Title:Immediate Implant Loading : Current Concepts : A Case Report
Author(s):Dr. Seema Munjal , Dr. Sumit Munjal
Abstract   PDF Download

9. Case Report
Title:Primary Mucosal Malignant Melanoma of Sinonasal tract: A Case Report
Author(s):Dr. Leena Jain
Abstract   PDF Download

10. Case Report
Title:Personalized Denture…Let’s make a difference!! -A clinical case report on characterized denture
Author(s):Dr. Brijesh Shetty, Dr. Pranav V Mody, Dr. Manish Kumar, Dr. Girish Kumar, Dr.Kalpesh K. Revankar Bhat
Abstract   PDF Download

11. Case Report
Title:Gingivitis artefacta - Self injurious behaviour in adult patients of depression Report of 2 cases
Author(s):Dr.Utpal Mazumdar, Dr.Bipa Mazumdar,Dr. Gaurav Arya, Dr.I.R.Rajkumar
Abstract   PDF Download

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